Performance Management Associates-

Human Resources

5503 Park Avenue  Memphis, Tennessee 38119
Memphis Phone: (901)754-8182

Orlando Phone: (407)376.5098

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A Human Resource Management Consulting Firm

We are a small Human Resources Management Consulting firm with offices located in Memphis, Tennessee, and Orlando, Florida. We don't think that consulting firms have to be big to be good. We are very good, and we aren't very big. We have all it takes to provide full service Human Resource Consulting with small, medium, large and international companies

We are Flexible.We can work with a ten person start-up or a Fortune 100 Firm - and we have. Since 1963, we have worked with more than 100 different industrial organizations and Federal, State and Municipal agencies. You don't stay in the consulting business that long unless you have satisfied clients. We do. A sample of clients selected to represent a spectrum of work activities include those found here.

We are Personal.We offer standardized business solutions as well highly customized solutions to business problems. We believe that each client has a unique set of circumstances that deserves an approach to problems that fit our client's needs. We offer services based on multiple areas of practice. PMA consultants have different yet complementary expertise and competencies, including Industrial Psychology, General Management and Human Resource Management.

We are Concerned.We care about your business. We take the refreshing approach that not every organization needs all of the services we have to offer. We will never try to sell you a service that you don't need. Good consulting service does not have to be outrageously expensive. We charge a decent fee - but we earn it.

We are Experienced.Our prinicipals have more experience in the Human Resource field than some of them would care to admit. While we may not have seen it all yet - there's not much that surprises us any more.